Global Picks For Our Favorite Museums

It may be National Museum Day, but since we’re wanderers of the world, we decided to compile a list of our favorite museums across the globe, some we’ve been to and some we are dying to visit!

Newseum (Washington D.C., United States of America)

-Gotta start with repping our hometown. Possibly my most favorite museum I’ve ever been to, history, journalism and media buffs assemble! This ENORMOUS, multi-floor, amazing museum is so rich in history that you are allowed to purchase a 24 hour pass because you clearly won’t be able to see it all in one visit. Want to know what it would be like to be Diane Sawyer? They have a mock reporting area that’s fun for all ages!


Photo by David Monack

Anne Frank House (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

-Most of the time, museums showcase the best parts of history, but sometimes they showcase the worst. Take a moment to learn more about the Holocaust, at this must-see stop in Amsterdam. One of the most well-known stories of that era is of a young girl, Anne Frank, and her family, who went into hiding during the Nazi Regime in Europe. Tour the house the Franks and a few others hid in for more than two years and get a feel for what it was like for many Jews during WWII.


Photo by Massimo Catarinella

The Tenement Museum (New York City, NY, United States of America)

-A highly underrated and amazing museum sits in Manhattan’s Lower East Side Neighborhood. Most people, when they visit NYC, tend to head to The Met or MoMA. Our recommendation is to head downtown to this exciting and history-rich mecca where immigrants from all over the world first settled when they came to NYC. New York is a cultural melting pot and this is where it all began. Tour immigrant apartments, see how living conditions were and how these families, who created the America we now know today, survived their first few years on the rough streets of Manhattan.


Photo by Fletcher

The Louvre (Paris, France)

-Smack dab in the center of Paris sits this historical landmark, enormous museum, and top attraction for Parisian tourism. — too similar to how you described the museum above, Id take out “enormous museum” —  One of the world’s largest museums and home to the infamous Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci, which is super small by the way! The lines can get very long, so get there as early in the morning as possible to cut down your wait time. This stop in Paris is not one to miss if you want to get a full Parisian historical experience.


Photo by Gloumouth1, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike

Galleria dell’Accademia (Florence, Italy)

-Be sure not to get the Statue of David in the Palazzo Vecchio confused for the real one, because he’s located here! One of Michaelangelo’s most well-known masterpieces was moved from it’s original spot to the Galleria in 1873 and attracts people all over the world to Florence to see it! There are several other beautiful works to be seen in this small museum, but David is the main attraction and definitely worth the line you’ll most certainly wait in.


Photo by Clayton Tang

If you’re looking for historical and cultural experiences in your global journey, these are just a few of many great places to stop along the way. Let us know where you’re headed next and we’ll find some great ideas for you!

Much love and wandering…

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