One Night in Dublin

What if you had just one day to spend in Dublin? One day to see as much as you could in this magnificent city. Maybe you had a long layover. Maybe you decided to stop there for a night on your journey home from another adventure. Whatever the case may be, let’s pretend that you’re in Dublin for just a day, and find out what amazing adventure awaits.


Let’s start with the morning. You arrive at the Dublin airport and quickly grabs your bags and hop in a cab. The cabbie asks you where you’ve been, where you’re from and where you’re going, all in that cheerful old Irish twang. He asks you “Where to?” and your only response is “Wherever.” He drives you to the city center and drops you off in front of O’Brien’s Sandwich Cafe right across the street from Trinity College. You thank him, tip generously, and head inside to grab a coffee and a bagel.

After grabbing your hot coffee to keep you warm on a brisk Dublin morning, you set out on foot. You walk around Trinity College and see one of the oldest universities in the world. You watch in awe as students start heading quickly towards their classrooms, and think to yourself how amazing it would’ve been to go to a school that boasts so much history.

After walking around campus for a bit you head out onto the bustling city streets. You walk past pubs, old men arguing about the weather, little shops and more. You don’t know where you’re going but you imagine you’ll find something great on your way. Sometimes the best thing to do in a foreign city is to just let yourself get lost and see where the roads take you. More often than not, you end up in the most amazing places!

You round a street corner and hear the beautiful sounds of street musicians. You stumble upon a beautiful park, and as you walk through the gates to enter, you realize it’s much larger and more beautiful than you thought. You’ve walked right into St. Stephen’s Green and decide to plop down right on the grass to finish your coffee and just people watch for a little while.

You feel that familiar feeling in your stomach, and decide its probably time to go grab some lunch. You head out of the park and into the first little pub you see for a pint and some fish and chips. As your sitting alone at the bar, you meet another couple just stopped in Dublin on their travels. You end up having lunch together and spend the afternoon talking travel, home life, and experiences, among other things. You talk about so much you don’t even have time to ask their names before they head out. That’s one of the great things about travel, all the people you meet and stories you hear. It doesn’t even matter if you see or talk to them again, you know you have a friend somewhere out there in the world.


 After finishing your third Guinness and as much food as you can fit in your belly, you decide the only thing to do is to walk it off. You set back out on foot to continue to explore as much of the city as you can. You walk up Grafton Street, and pop in to as many shops as you can. You say your just window shopping, but you end up leaving with a few more items than you expected. The cobble stone streets and the young couples shopping together remind you how romantic this city can be.

You head further up several streets just as the day is beginning to end. You wonder where you’ve wandered to as you hear crowds of people and laughter. You’ve reached the Temple Bar neighborhood of Dublin. The streets are lined with bars and nightclubs, and young people beginning their night out. You even walk past The Temple Bar, and convince yourself you can’t keep going without stopping here for a pint!

The sun has set and you head out of Temple Bar before the wildness of the European nightlife erupts. All of sudden, you hit the River Liffey. You stand there for a few minutes and just stare. Stare at the beauty of the flowing river and the reflection of the light from street lamps hitting it in the moonlight. You watch the Irish people bustling about, headed to wherever they’re going with haste. You decide to walk along the river for a bit until you get to the O’Connell Monument and you walk across the bridge into the other side of town.

As you walk down O’Connell Street for a bit, you decide it’s dinner time and pop into Madigan’s for a bite to eat. The bar is crowded as people, young and old, have already begun their night, but you manage to find a place to squeeze in at the bar. You converse with people here and there and eat your shepherd’s pie, reminiscing about the day. You down your last Guinness before heading a few doors down to a hostel someone recommended.


It was just a day and part of a night that you spent in this magical city, but when you’re just walking around and wandering, you tend to see more than you would if you’d had a gameplan. Don’t be afraid to get lost. Don’t be afraid to try new and unfamiliar things. Don’t be afraid to wander. There are so many wonderful places to see and people to meet in this world, and sometimes getting lost is the only way to find them.


Much love and wandering…

colleen sig


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