What To Expect From The Wanderlist

We are so excited to begin this journey with you. Now that you know a little bit more about us, we cannot wait to dive right into everything the world has to offer.

We are travel fanatics, adventure junkies, and lovers of life! The only problem is…our 25-year-old bank accounts. Woody Allen said it best when he said we should’ve aged backwards so we could’ve worked first when we were old and had money to frolic about the world when we’re young. Unfortunately, that’s not reality we live in, so with this site, we are going to create the ultimate global bucket list and wait for the funds to follow.

We are both D.C. natives, as you know, and now Colleen is living in Manhattan, with Natalie making plans to head out west to California. Our goal is to not only share all the places in the world we plan on going, but exciting happenings in our respective cities, all kinds of travel tips, myths and everything in between.

Expect seriousness (i.e. protect that passport people…no joke), fun (i.e. top adventure activities to do in certain places), excitement (i.e. daredevil fun and stepping outside your comfort zone) and most importantly, comedy (i.e. lots of “Would You Rather [not the sexual kind, get your mind out of the gutter!] and Weirdest Foods You Have to Try). We know how boring it can be just reading facts after facts of travel information. And while we want to help you plan your next trip to be the best, we promise to put our heart and soul into our content to achieve the most important thing…HAVING FUN.

Life was meant to be lived and the only way to live it is to the FULLEST. There is so much beyond your front porch and we’re going to help show you exactly what.

So here’s a little something from STA Travel Australia to motivate you to GET MOVIN’!

Beautiful man plus beautiful world. If that doesn’t work, than this blog isn’t for you…but thanks for stopping by 😉

wan·der·lust (noun)-a strong desire to travel. wan·der·list (noun)-the places you will travel.

Much love and wandering…

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