11 Things You Didn’t Know About Spain

So much about exploring the world is finding out things you didn’t know before. We decided to put together a list of some fun facts about Spain that we didn’t already know, that just made us even more curious about this beautiful European nation. Here goes nothin…


Spain has almost 5000 miles of beaches. So grab your bathing suits and sunscreen because this is a major pastime in this country!

It’s tradition to eat twelve grapes on New Years. You eat them with your family and one for each of the bell chimes, which comes out to 12 times! If we haven’t made it clear yet during Spain Week, these Spaniards love their traditions.

Spain was not part of either the first or second world wars. Guess they preferred to be like their European neighbors of Switzerland and stay neutral.

Spaniards don’t typically move out of their parents’ homes until they are married. So if you see a lot of PDA as you walk down Spanish streets, don’t be alarmed…they’ve got to do it somewhere!

The tooth fairy doesn’t exist in Spain. Instead a mouse named Ratoncito Perez visits children and, instead of money, he gives them gifts for their teeth.

Antonio Banderas, born in Málaga, set out to be a professional soccer player. It wasn’t until he broke his foot at 14 that he decided to become a famous actor instead. Yep, it’s that easy apparently.

The Spanish city of Valencia hosts the world’s largest tomato fight each year called La Tomitana. Yes, you heard that right. Just be sure not to wear white that day!

There are more native Spanish speakers in the world than there are native English speakers!

If someone buys you a drink at a bar in Spain, that means you’re stuck with them the whole night…so be careful who you accept one from!

Spain has the most bars in the entire European Union, hence their incredibly famous nightlife scene.

Last but not least…

If you like to beach it up in your birthday suit, Spain is for you. The country doesn’t have any laws against public nudity!

Surely there are many more unknown secrets Spain has to offer and we can’t wait to check it off our Wanderlist and find out more for ourselves!


Thanks to our friends at The List Love, Confessed Travelholic and SR Trends for helping us in our research!
Much love and wandering…
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