Paris in Pictures: City Spotlight

Paris deserved the spotlight as the most populated and most toured city in France. It is also ranked as one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations!
Whether you choose to visit for Paris’ famous fashion week, exquisite artwork and monuments, tasty cuisine, or scenic views of the Seine River, this historic and picturesque city will not disappoint!

La Ville Lumière, “The City of Light,” Paris earned it’s nickname, as it was a leader in the Age of Enlightenment and one of the first European cities to adopt gas street lighting.
Fun fact: In the 1800s the Paris streets were lit by more than 50,000 gas street lamps. Today the city continues to shine brightly with thousands of lights crawling over buildings, monuments, and bridges all across the city.

I spent 3 nights in Paris, the capital city of France. The culture and history is endless, and I found it to be more pleasant than I expected! The people were friendly, and as much as they appreciated my efforts to attempt French, most of the hotels and restaurants had staff who spoke English.
It was incredibly easy to navigate the Paris Métro (with a little help from Rick Steves’ French Phrasebook and Dictionary) to see all of the historic sites, including the celebrated Arc de Triomphe, built to honor persons who fought and died for France in the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars.
I experienced delicious authentic French cuisine, and my mouth still waters at the thought of French crepes, macaroons, baguettes, fromage, and croissants! Don’t forget to try escargot (at least once)!

 My first experience with escargot at Le Champ de Mars (a bistro located 400 meters from The Eiffel Tower). Delicious!

 This was just one of the many things I was lucky enough to check off my bucket list during my time in Paris!
Keep reading for a look into some of my other favorite spots.
First stop…
The Eiffel Tower

The Iron Lady stands twice as tall as the Washington Monument, and serves not only as the symbol of the city of light but as an iconic and famous landmark all around the world. Even if you don’t buy tickets to the top, you’re bound to catch views of it from around the city!
The Louvre

 How can you make the most of your trip when you visit one of the world’s largest and most visited museums (holds around 70,000 pieces of art and hosts almost 9 million annual visitors)? This popular tourist attraction can’t be conquered in a day or even 10! Maximize your time with these tips from trip advisor.
3 Must Sees I made sure to check off my bucketlist:
1. Leonardo DaVinci’s, Mona Lisa

2. Winged Victory (The Nike of Samothrace)

 3. Napoleon III Apartments

 Next stop…
Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris
There is no shortage of cathedrals boasting beautiful architecture and iconic history in France, and Paris is no exception! Notre Dame is a historic French Gothic Cathedral in the fourth arrondissement of Paris. This was one of my favorite sites to see, as I was able to admire, in person, the famous stained-glass rose windows and vaulted ceilings that before I had only seen countless times in pictures.

Catch what may be considered the best view of the city from this scenic hill-top district in Paris! Wander the cobblestone streets that were once called home by some of the most renowned artists in history, Vincent Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso were both former residents! Visit the legendary Moulin Rouge to see a cabaret show or simply snag your next travel photo outside.

N with friends outside the Sacré-Cœur Basilica

  This is just a fraction of what Paris and France as a country has to offer!
Stay tuned for more French experiences, on The Wanderlist, as France Week continues!
What are some of your favorite spots in Paris?
Much love and wandering…
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