Tourists’ Guide to French Photo Ops

It’s an important part of traveling…getting the perfect picture. And France is no exception when it comes to amazing photo ops! We came up with the list of pictures we have checked off our Wanderlist, as well as the ones we need to capture when we go back! What’s on yours?

Finger on the Louvre

…so pointy!


Amazed picture looking up at the Eiffel Tower

…it’s JUST. SO. TALL.

Grossed out when trying escargot picture

…am I supposed to look happy eating snails?

Attaching a love lock on the Pont des Amoureux

…although this may have to be secretive now that it’s illegal


Looking royal at Versailles

…I think I need bigger hair to pull this off?

Looking like a snow bunny in the Alps

…I’m smiling, but I may die on this mountain!

Looking up at the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris

…and wondering if Quasimodo can see you.


Eating a croissant

…so delicious, I may never go home!

A beach pic in Nice

…with the caption “Nice is nice.”


On a boat in the Seine sailing through Paris

…I can feel the romance, and smell the river…

Outside the Moulin Rouge (in side too…)

…What happens in the Moulin Rouge, stays in the Moulin Rouge.

Sipping Moet in Champagne

…poppin’ bubbly with the big dogs!


Walking along the footpath with Mont Saint-Michel in the distance

…or walking home to your new castle?

Wearing a beret

…and making it work?

Staring at a window filled with colorful macarons

…wondering how the French women are so skinny.


What’s on your French Photo Op Wanderlist? Share with us some of your best and most touristy photos!

Much love and wandering…

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