San Diego Wanderlist Top 10


Coronado Beach at Sunset

One of the most beautiful places to watch a sunset in the world, this small island off downtown San Diego is a prime spot. Post up at the Hotel del Coronado and have a picnic as you watch the sky turn into a million colors.



Watching the sunset on Coronado Beach

Bar Hopping in Gaslamp Quarter

San Diego isn’t all beaches and hiking, there’s a great downtown area, with an even better nightlife! Interested in partying it up? The Gaslamp Quarter is perfect for a night full of memories you will probably forget 🙂


C with a friend at Vin De Syrah in Gaslamp Quarter

Amplified Ale Works in Pacific Beach

Not only is this a brewery full of some of the tastiest beers San Diego’s many breweries (they have a TON) has to offer, but the restaurant portion, Cali Kabob, also has food that is on POINT (I recommend the zucchini chips). You think thats great? They’ve got board games too to really round out your experience. And if you have a similar experience to the one I had, your waiter might even come back and play with you when they get off work!


Zucchini chips at Amplified Ale Works

Kayaking in La Jolla Cove

A terrifying experience personally because I’m scared of the ocean, but for those of you that love the outdoors and a bit of an adrenaline rush, La Jolla Cove is a beautiful place to kayak. Look out for leopard sharks that like to hang out by the seals!

*There’s obviously no pictures here, I was in a kayak…duh

Powerhouse Park Sunset in Del Mar

Looking for something a little closer to watch the sunset than Coronado? Powerhouse Park in Del Mar is the answer! There’s the beach if you want to sit down by the water, or there’s a grassy area that’s perfect for a picnic. Be sure to watch out for the Green Flash during the sunset. It’s rare, but if you get a chance to see it, that will certainly earn you some San Diego street cred.


Sunset in Del Mar at Powerhouse Park

Bar Hopping in Pacific Beach

PB is a big area for party people! Sure, it’s lots of college kids and military folks, but if you’re looking to let loose and have a rockin’ time, in a bit less fancy way than the downtown Gaslamp Quarter, this is definitely the place for you! What’s better than beach and dive bars?!


Downtown Pacific Beach

Views at the Top of Mount Soledad

Looking for an amazing view of all of San Diego to take some epic panoramics? Look no further. Head up toward the landmark cross at the top of the mountain and get your cameras ready, cause this is one photo op you definitely won’t want to miss!


C and a friend at the top of Mount Soledad

Listening to Live Music at 710 Beach Club

Everyone loves live music, am I right? Well if you’re looking to hear some awesome local bands rock out, have a few cocktails and dance the night away, this is a great venue to do just that! Oh, and if you see a band in the lineup called Kid Wilderness, buy tickets…they’ll be famous one day!


Hiking down to Blacks Beach (…not hiking back up!)

Be careful, obviously you’ll have to hike back up, unless of course you plan on living there. This is a gorgeous beach located beneath the cliffs of Torrey Pines. Pack a lunch and plan to stay for a while, because you won’t want to leave, or hike 20 minutes back up the cliffs, right away!


Hike down to Blacks Beach

Scarfing down some fish tacos at Oscars

Last, but most certainly not least, San Diego is FAMOUS for their fish tacos. So you definitely can’t miss out. Oscars is one of my personal favorites of the ones I’ve had, but of course you can get good ones virtually anywhere!


Oscars…right next to a smoke shop in case you get the munchies 🙂

If you’ve been to San Diego, share with us some of your favorite things to do and spots to visit!


Much love and wandering…

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