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The Top 4 Destinations to Take a Cruise

Planes, trains, automobiles…but what about a cruise? There’s a million ways to see the endless wonders of this world, but cruises have proved over time to be a fan favorite.

But just how to do you choose exactly where to go? With companies like Planet Cruise giving us so many exciting options, it can be hard to choose! So we’ve done all you wanderers a favor and narrowed it down to our Top 4 Faves (with one honorable mention, hey! this was hard for us too), so we can help you make an easier decision.

Happy sailing!


European River Cruise

cologne - rhine

This is the perfect jaunt for the traveler who loves both the small towns sights as well as the big cities.

Sail down the Rhine through the small countryside towns in Germany, soaking in the rich culture, eating traditional dishes and awe at the amazing architecture.

Sail down the Danube and see the Hungarian Parliament building light up the river as you sail into this wonderful Eastern European capital city.

Prefer the more traditional stops? Take a trip down the Seine through the City of Lights and see a new side of Paris. Grab a glass of champagne and handful of macarons and you really might just see it all.

Whatever European river destination you choose, it’s a totally new experience of some of the world’s most favorite and cherished places. One you assuredly won’t be disappointed in.


Alaskan Cruise


More for the outdoorsman than the historic sites seeker, an Alaskan cruise takes scenic views to new heights!

Take in everything from beautiful glaciers, to massive mountains to the many other untouched wonders the Alaskan landscape has to offer.

Want to see some amazing wild life to top it all off? These trips provide what we can only describe as an Alaskan safari, with watching everything from “humpback whales breaking the surface of the water, to moose grazing on fresh grass to eagles nesting on river banks.”

The incredible scenery of land that has been virtually untouched, will bring new and exciting experiences for you, ones you’re certain not to forget.


Mediterranean Cruise


One word comes to mind when we think of a Mediterranean cruise: romance. What could possibly be more romantic on this earth than delicious food, old, seaside towns, and crystal-clear blue water?

Sail through the Greek Isles, or maybe hop over to the Italian coast. Cruise into Spain and spend the day hobnobbing around Barcelona. Head to Turkey and experience some of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World.

Not only is it the most bang for your buck being able to visit so many countries in one trip, but it’s old meets new vibes give you absolutely everything a European vacation could have to offer…and then some.


Panama Canal Cruise


Here’s a little bit of an out-of-the-box cruise!

You thought the Panama Canal was just for shipping goods? Think again. Take a cruise and experience the actual canal for yourself!

At over 100 years old and considered one of the 7 Wonders of the Modern Day World, the Panama Canal is a bucket list item for sure. During its 48 mile length sail, cruisers can experience passing through the canal’s many locks, which can rise as high as 85 feet!

Set sail between October and April, to enjoy the tropical rainforest views, but avoid the torrential rainy season. It’s a different type of cruise for folks who enjoy both a little bit of nature and a little bit of history!


Honorable Mention…World Cruise!


Why pick one destination, when you can see them all? Planet Cruise offers a once-in-a-lifetime trip option for you to circumnavigate the globe and see it in its entirety!

The trips typically start in the UK and sets sail westward toward the Caribbean and from there…you’re off! Visit places like the Panama Canal, Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, India, South Africa and so many more.

Trips last for around 80-110 days long, but PC realizes some people just can’t take off work that long, so they offer you the option of choosing to hop on for a certain sector. It’s the ultimate nautical wanderers dream come true.


For more on all these trips and even more great destinations, visit Planet Cruise’s website and pick our your dream cruise destination. It’s a great big world out there…go wander it!


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*This is a collaborative post with Planet Cruise, however all opinions are our own.

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