Ciao, Italia!

Food, history, art, culture. If you’re the type of traveler looking for an “all inclusive” vacation – here’s why Italy is your next destination.



Not that we even have to explain this one, Italian food is famous all over the world. Pasta, pizza, gelato. We’re getting hangry writing this, knowing we’re not in Tuscany right now.

Italian food has a rich history in itself, so if you’re a foodie who wants to learn a little bit more than just what’s exploding in your taste buds, it’s a must-see stop on your Wanderlist. Take a tour of a winery. Learn how to make pasta from scratch just like your nonna used to make it. Run with the dogs in search of some of the worlds richest truffles. Even if Italy didn’t have all the other appeals, its food could still hold its own.



Uffizi Gallery

I mean, it was one of the first civilizations on the planet, so we’re thinking you won’t be bored. Ancient Romans, gladiators, Renaissance artists…there’s no shortage of entertainment here.

Head to Rome and tour the Colosseum. Picture yourself cheering in the stands, watching exotic animals released into the ring. Imagine you’re a gladiator fighting to the death. It’s better to imagine these things than to live them we would guess.

Venture to Florence and see some of the most amazing art this world has ever seen. Visit the Galleria dell’Accademia and say hi to Michaelangelo’s David. Walk through the long halls at the Uffizi Gallery and soak in the essence of the Italian Renaissance. I was lucky enough to walk these halls in 2011, and it doesn’t go unnoticed the fact you’re walking in the footsteps of countless people before you.

Visit the Palazzo Medici Riccardi and see how one of the wealthiest and most powerful families in Italian history lived. If you don’t know who the Medici are, think Tony Soprano, if he was a pope before he was a mobster.



Michaelangelo’s David

We mentioned a few, but you can literal walk on any road in any major Italian city, or walk down any cobblestone street in the countryside, and see remnants of Italian art.

From Renaissance paintings inside churches, to alabaster sculptures in Volterra, to glass in Murano and lace in Burano, to just the artistry that is the Forum and Roman ruins, a traveler with a thirst for the artistic would never have a dull moment.



Culture itself encompasses all these things, but the Italian people as a whole are a people to be celebrated. They are kind, hospitable and always up for a good time. Whether you’re sitting at a café overlooking a piazza and sipping a glass of wine, chowing down on some pizza sitting on a fountain, or riding a vespa through the city streets, Italy comes alive no matter where you are.

They take pride in their ancient history as well as their modernness. It’s where the center of the world comes together, celebrating the old and the new. It’s an amazing place and one we have been lucky enough to spread our wings to.

If we didn’t talk you into it yet, one more shot…


Alright, andiamo!

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